The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Alliance (VCCC Alliance) is Australia’s first and largest comprehensive cancer centre providing a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to cancer research, education, and clinical care. It is a powerful alliance of 10 leading research, academic and clinical institutions working together to accelerate and amplify leading-edge cancer research, knowledge, and expertise to benefit the Victorian community and to improve outcomes for Victorian cancer patients. 

The Centre for Cancer Education combines an interactive learning platform,  dedicated development team, subject matter experts, governance structure, extensive education resources, and effective communication to provide a comprehensive and engaging cancer education experience for all.

The Centre is committed to providing high-quality educational programming for the cancer workforce and consumers. We have partnered with the University of Melbourne to launch a globally accessible platform for the healthcare professionals, researchers, educators and consumers.

This initiative ensures equitable access to relevant, targeted educational resources in one location, allowing VCCC Alliance members and non-members to access education. Our platform is not designed to compete with members’ existing educational offerings, but rather to enable greater collaboration while avoiding duplication of resources.

Educational resources

The VCCC Alliance Centre for Cancer Education provides a comprehensive suite of offerings that address the tumour streams of haematology, melanoma and skin, lung, gastro-intestinal, genito-urinary, head and neck, gynaecological, sarcoma, central nervous system and brain; the cross cutting areas of primary care integration and cancer nursing; leadership, clinical teaching, clinical trials, biostatistics, bioinformatics, knowledge translation, consumer informed research, survivorship, psycho-oncology, palliative care, patient reported outcome measures, communication skills, nurse led research, research co-design and the cancer sciences.

You will be able to access weekly lecture series, symposia, webinars, podcasts, conferences, workshops, microlearning, online learning modules, micro-credentialled courses, massive open online courses, internships, awards, scholarships, and a Specialist Certificate, Graduate Certificate, Masters and PhD program.


Benefits for you

The benefits of this initiative include clearly articulated pathways of curated educational resources to address learning needs, enhancing professional practice, leading to improved patient outcomes. In today's fast-paced environment, there is a growing need for accessible, on-demand education for a time-poor workforce.

Our platform provides an opportunity to promote and share your expertise in the creation of education for the cancer sector. It values and acknowledges your contributions as experts in the creation and delivery of education.

If you identify an educational need and want to make it happen, the Centre can help you confirm the need and develop educational resources. This service enables you to efficiently develop and promote high-quality educational resources and experiences that meet the needs of the cancer community. It allows you to connect and collaborate with prestigious and influential members of the VCCC Alliance and beyond.

Meet the team