Breast Cancer Prevention and Risk Management

Published Liam Wise on Wed, 08/31/2022 - 14:01

VCCC Alliance Grand Round Breast Cancer

with Dr Wanda Cui

15 June 2022

Join medical oncologist Dr Wanda Cui (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), for an update on the current prevention data in women at high risk of breast cancer and future directions.

The VCCC Alliance Research and Education (R&E Lead) Breast Cancer program has developed a learning environment where researchers and clinical care teams can share information to improve cancer outcomes.

VCCC Alliance Breast Cancer Grand Round aims to provide a shared view of what is happening in the development of breast cancer care and is helping to stimulate discussion and collaborations among experienced and novice researchers and clinicians.

Dr Wanda Cui

Dr Wanda Cui

Dr Wanda Cui is a medical oncologist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, specialising in breast cancer and lung cancer. She has an interest in risk management for women with an increased risk of breast cancer, management of women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy and onco-fertility.

The VCCC Alliance Breast Cancer Grand Round is targeted at a clinical audience and features open discussion about real cases and patients. While these cases are de-identified, the imagery, content and discussion can be graphic. It is not appropriate for consumer participants.

Course Details

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Course type
60 mins
Curriculum Area
Prevention, screening and diagnostics
Treatment (incl. Supportive Care)

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