Last update: 03/20/2024

Business Skills for Clinical Trial Research Managers

Business Skills for Clinical Trial Research Managers

Course Aim: Equip clinical trial professionals with the knowledge and skills essential to oversee the operations of a clinical trial unit.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explore the steps involved in the clinical trial feasibility process and its impact on study start-up.

  • Explore hospital financing and the language of hospital finance.

  • Consider tips for budget preparation, especially for non-commercial trials and compare budget development and budget negotiation.

  • Examine costing and cost analysis of clinical trials units, creating budgets based on true costs.

  • Recognise common agreements used in clinical trial management in Australia.

  • Define roles crucial for a successful clinical trial unit and provide guidance on role development.

  • Identify key negotiation skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify key roles in the feasibility team and address common problems between the site and sponsor during feasibility.

  • Enhance communication skills, utilising finance language, and develop the ability to create budgets tailored for both commercially sponsored and non-commercial trials, while understanding the true cost of a clinical trial unit for sustainable growth


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