Cancer Nurses: Delivering Innovation in Cancer Care and Treatment - Part 2

Published Beverly Brigham on Wed, 06/29/2022 - 17:57

Monday Lunch Livestream

with Yvonne Panek-Hudson, Dr Sharon de Graves, Louise Roberts, Joshua Hart and Paula Swannock

4 April 2022

Dr Sharon de Graves, along with nurses from the VCCC Alliance, present a captivating insight into the breadth and complexity of what cancer nurses do.

Yvonne Panek-Hudson

Associate Director of Nursing, Haematology and Medical Oncology Lead, Haematology, Late effects and Paediatric Specialist Nurse, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Yvonne specialises in the long term follow up of patient's post-allogeneic bone marrow transplant. Yvonne has 23 years of experience in the specialty of bone marrow transplantation and has a particular interest in late effects surveillance and management, chronic graft versus host disease ans sexual health. Most recently, in addition to her clinical role, Yvonne has taken on the role as Associate Director of Nursing at Peter Mac..

Dr Sharon de Graves

Program Manager, Nurse-Led Research, VCCC Alliance

Sharon is an experienced paediatric cancer nurse researcher. She has expertise in the fields of nursing research, education, leadership, and management and has contributed to the development of services and standards of practice for children and adolescents with cancer. Sharon is passionate about enabling research capacity and capability within the clinical nursing workforce.

Louise Roberts

Acting ANUM, Day Oncology, Western Health

Louise has worked in oncology for 16 years with the majority in the chemotherapy day unit.  She has worked as a registered nurse, associate nurse unit manager, nurse educator and nurse unit manager.  She has a Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing, a Master of Health Services Management and has enrolled to do a Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (Oncology) in 2023.

Joshua Hart

Nurse Unit Manager, Radiotherapy, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Joshua has over 12 years’ experience as a Cancer Nurse.  Joshua leads a team of more than 20 nurses to support patients and their families survive cancer treatment with a focus on innovation, holistic care, customer service and evidence based practice. Joshua is passionate about staff and patient well-being. He is a clinical lead at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for Strengthening Hospital’s Response to Family Violence, delirium and behaviours of concern.

Paula Swannock

Cancer Nurse Coordinator, Upper GI/Hepatobiliary, St Vincent’s Hospital

Paula is a Registered Nurse who specialises in the care and management of upper GI and hepatobiliary (HPB) cancer patients. Paula has completed a Master of Advance Clinical Practice, and has worked within the field of Upper GI and HPB for many years. Paula’s role involves direct contact for all Upper GI and HPB cancer patients and assists them to navigate through the public health system. Her role encompasses patient education, treatment planning, multidisciplinary team coordination, holistic care and nurse-led clinics.

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