Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners

Published Erin Turner on Tue, 08/23/2022 - 18:04

Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners

Understand the physical, psychosocial and financial effects of cancer

Cancer is a major burden of disease across the globe. Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with the illness. This course will explore the importance of cancer survivorship, and show you how to develop an effective care plan for your patients. You’ll learn about the psychosocial and emotional impact of having cancer, and the possible side effects of treatment. You’ll find out about new and emerging cancer therapies, and the results on cancer survivors of various age groups. You’ll understand the strain cancer puts on patients, healthcare systems, and primary care practitioners.

What topics will you cover?

  • Communication and coordination of care

  • Supportive care

  • Surveillance, late and long term effects, and palliative care

  • New cancer therapies

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess cancer as a chronic disease and its burden on the patient, health system, society and the role of the primary care practitioner

  • Apply the models of care, optimal care pathways and clinical guidelines that guide survivorship care

  • Evaluate the psychosocial impacts of cancer and its treatments

  • Identify the risk(s) of new primary, local or metastatic recurrences and their temporal pattern

  • Explain the consequences of cancer treatment on cancer survivors and the opportunities new therapies provide

Audience: This course has been designed for primary healthcare providers including general practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals.

Level: Novice - Intermediate

Following the 17th June 2024 intake, there will be another one starting 7 Oct 2024.

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4 weeks
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Monitoring and Surveillance
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Clinical care

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