ChatGPT - This is nuts!! AI goes mainstream

Published Erin Turner on Tue, 02/21/2023 - 10:46
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So if you haven't seen all the fuss about ChatGPT on social media in the past two weeks, then imagine this. You have to write a 500 word introduction to an article on adjuvant therapy following renal cancer surgery, you are a week past deadline and  you have writer's block. Or it's your thankless task to organise next year's on-call roster for your Department. Or your year 11 son has asked you to explain Max Planck’s Determination of the Avogadro Constant.
Well fear not, ChatGPT is here to save the day!! Just type in the request, and this quite remarkable AI tool will spew out the answer, with quite incredible literacy (including citations), and even empathy and humour. Just sensational. It will even write code to help you build that app you always wanted but had no idea how to program. Need a patient-friendly explanation of a new trial? Or maybe a big grant application. Just type in your request, and hey presto, ChatGPT does the rest. In seconds. For free!

Today we have invited some great guests to discuss this topic. Dr Anobel Odisho (UCSF) has been all over this for years, and has posted some fantastic tweets about this. Communications guru Todd Morgan (University of Michigan) and urology trainee Jonathan O'Brien (who is doing research on AI in penile cancer) pitch in with their thoughts. And we are also joined by Liam Mannix, National Science Reporter with leading Australian broadsheets The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.




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