Last update: 11/27/2023

Clinical Trials in Practice VC.01


Discover a series of online learning modules each providing information, resources and scenarios explaining the key fundamental activities of clinical trials.

There are currently seven online modules for the emerging clinical trial workforce in Victoria:

  • Feasibility to ethics approval

  • Governance to site initiation

  • From screening to participant enrolment

  • Managing a participant on a trial

  • From initiation to close-out

  • Problem-solving in clinical trials

  • Teletrial approach: a flexible way to conducting clinical trials to overcome geographical barriers.


Upskill the clinical trials workforce to effectively run clinical trials utilising good clinical practice. 

Learning Objectives

  • Facilitate compliance with the requirements of the research protocol and good clinical research practice

  • Identify the financial and resource variables that affect trial start up and ongoing conduct

  • Ensure patient comprehension and safety during initial and ongoing clinical trial informed consent discussions.

  • Apply a variety of resources and strategies to manage the care of patients participating in clinical trials, ensuring compliance with protocol procedures, assessments, and as well as management of symptoms

  • Ensure collection of source data and completion of documentation that validate the integrity of the conduct of the clinical trial

  • Ensure adherence to ethical practices and regulations during the conduct of clinical trials in order to protect the rights and well-being of patients and the collection of quality data.



Clinical trial study team (PIs, SCs, RNs, CTAs) novice to intermediate level.


Novice to Intermediate

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