Diet, Energy Balance and the Gut Microbiome

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Every Monday from 1pm – 2pm notable cancer researchers, clinicians, nurses and other experts from around the globe share their insights, research or news on a broad range of topics at the VCCC Alliance Monday Lunch Live forum.

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Diet, Energy Balance and the Gut Microbiome.

Monday Lunch Livestream

With Dr Jennifer McQuade

26 October 2020

Hear the latest emerging evidence on how diet, obesity, and the gut microbiome impact the response to immunotherapy, with special international guest Dr Jennifer McQuade, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA.

Immunotherapy has dramatically changed the landscape of cancer care, with numerous immunotherapeutic strategies now being implemented across the therapeutic continuum. However, despite this tremendous success, a significant proportion of patients still do not fully benefit from these therapies. Thankfully the microbiome—and the foods that feed it—is emerging as an important determinant of a patient’s response to immunotherapy, with promising outcomes.

In this presentation, Dr Jennifer McQuade reviews the gut microbiome and how it is an important emerging biomarker to be considered in the response to revolutionary new cancer therapies.

Dr Jennifer McQuade
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. McQuade is an Assistant Professor of Melanoma Medical Oncology and Physician Scientist at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas. Her research is focused on how modifiable host factors (e.g. diet and obesity) impact response to therapy, melanoma biology, and anti-tumor immunity.

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