Effective Science Writing: VCCC Alliance Leadership Academy Series

Published Alicia Mew on Wed, 04/12/2023 - 09:26

Effective Science Writing

VCCC Alliance Leadership Academy Series 

Presented by Simon Torok and Alysha Huxley from Scientell 

This session is led by science communicators Simon Torok and Alysha Huxley from Scientell and covers clear writing and visualisation of your research, with a focus on how to best communicate with audiences such as study group participants and funding bodies.

During this session participants will have the opportunity to explore techniques to:

  • translate complex research into clear messages for non-expert audiences.

  • make your writing more engaging and accessible.

  • complement your text with visuals such as infographics

How can I access this webinar? 

This webinar is only available to VCCC Alliance Leadership Academy members. Membership is free.

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The VCCC Alliance Leadership Academy is a multidisciplinary learning network that will provide leadership education and training, build connections between colleagues and peers, and recognise and celebrate contributions to leadership across the sector.

Meet the Presenters

Simon Torok

Simon is co-Director and CEO of Scientell. He has worked in communication for 25 years, including as communication manager for CSIRO in Melbourne and Canberra, as the communication manager for the Tyndall Centre in England, and as editor of science magazines for young people in Australia.

He is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s School of Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, on the Advisory Board of the Monash University TV Weather Presenters as Climate Communicators project and is on the Expert Advisory Committee of the Australian Institute of Performance Sciences.

Simon completed a PhD in climate change science at the University of Melbourne, and has a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication from the Australian National University. He has published more than 150 newspaper, magazine and scientific journal articles and, with Scientell’s co-Founder Paul Holper, he has co-authored 20 popular science and climate change books, several of which have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Hungarian.


Alysha Huxley

Ms Alysha Huxley is a science communicator for Scientell. She has experience writing content for websites, media releases, brochures and local news articles about weather and climate. With Scientell, Alysha has worked on dozens of projects. Her work has included extensive writing, communication strategy development and client liaison. She regularly appears on ABC radio discussing science.

Alysha began working for Scientell at the start of 2020, having previously completed internships with the Latrobe Valley Express, the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub, the Conversation Media Group, and the Climate Media Centre in Melbourne. Alysha has had her work published in local Gippsland papers and through Monash’s Mojo News. She has a double degree from Monash, in Environmental Science and Journalism.

Course Details

Course type
60 mins
Curriculum Area
Consumer Involvement, Equity, and Inclusion
Education & Training
Leadership and specialist skills

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