Haematology Online Learning Modules

Published Erin Turner on Mon, 06/27/2022 - 11:49

Haematology Online Learning Modules

Elevate Your Haematology Training with the VCCC Alliance

Experience the future of haematology training with our cutting-edge suite of five online resources.

Developed by the VCCC Alliance, this suite of five online dynamic modules is designed to empower you both now and in the future in the haematology training program. Immerse yourself in real-life case studies, featuring expert presenters and engaged registrars, as they dissect and discuss captivating scenarios.


The modules aim to provide essential education and training in haematology for rapid uptake of evidence-based practices into care and to build a skilled workforce proficient in generating, interpreting, and applying new knowledge.

The training includes the following modules:

  • Low-grade lymphoma

  • Acute lymphocytic  leukaemia measurable residual disease

  • Multiple myeloma

  • B-cell lymphoma

  • Paediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the management of a variety of patients with different types of haematological cancer.

  • Investigate the importance of measurable residual disease in acute lymphocytic leukaemia and how we measure low levels of leukaemia in the body. 

Audience: Health professionals involved in the care of haematology patients 

Level: Intermediate, Expert

Course Details

Blood on a slide
Course type
3 hrs
Curriculum Area
Prevention, screening and diagnostics
Allied Health professional

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