Predictive models to guide melanoma therapy

Published Erin Turner on Mon, 02/27/2023 - 10:36

Monday Lunch Livestream

with Associate Professor Alexander Menzies and Dr Ines Pires da Silva

28 November 2022

Currently, there are no robust biomarkers that predict immunotherapy outcomes in metastatic melanoma. Tools which can predict the outcome from current immunotherapies will assist treatment selection and discussions about prognosis with patients, as well as highlighting patients who may be best served with clinical trials from the outset.

Associate Professor Alexander Menzies and Dr Ines Pires da Silva will review the current approach to treatment selection for patients with metastatic melanoma. 

In the session they will also:

  • Provide an overview of their paper on multivariable predictive models for response and survival to PD1 and IPI+PD1 therapy (Pires da Silva JCO 2022;40:1068-80)

  • Demonstrate the online risk tool recently released by Melanoma Institute Australia

  • Suggest further research to improve outcomes including, the upcoming Personalised Immunotherapy Platform (PIP) trial

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Shoulder with Melanoma
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60 mins
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Treatment (incl. Supportive Care)
Clinical trials
Senior researcher / scientist
Clinical care
Data Science and Analytics
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