Rare cancers improving knowledge and treatment access

Published Catarina de Freitas on Tue, 06/27/2023 - 13:41

Monday Lunch Live Series

26 June 2023

Chaired by Ms Plum Stone of Rare Cancers Australia,this webinar hears Dr Emily Isham share her compelling story of supporting her young son through intensive treatment for a rare form of leukaemia, and the many additional challenges this presented during a five year battle to try to save his life.

Dr Chloe Georgiou then presents The Australian Rare Cancer (ARC) Portal which was established in 2019. ARC portal accepts referrals for any Australian resident with a rare cancer diagnosis, and research fellows provide curated reports to referring clinicians with reference to guidelines, molecular testing advice, clinical trials and treatment access pathways.



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60 mins
Curriculum Area
Research (incl. Clinical Trials)
Clinical Care
Consumer / patient / carer
Early to mid career researcher
Senior researcher / scientist
Monday Lunch Live
Rare cancers

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