Towards Inclusion of CALD People in Clinical Trials

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Towards Inclusion of CALD People in Clinical Trials

Monday Lunch Livestream

With Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron and David Story

13 September 2021

Hear from the Professor of Healthcare Communication, Robyn Woodward-Kron, and Foundation Chair of Anaesthesia, David Story at Melbourne Medical School report on a program of research and development aiming to improve participation of migrant and refugee people in clinical trials.

To address language and cultural barriers in participation, Professor Woodward-Kron and Story’s team has developed short in-language videos about clinical trials using captioning and simple language to promote understanding. They outline a methodology for researchers to raise awareness about clinical trials as well as develop in-language information about clinical trials using digital tools.


Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron

Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron is a medical educator and health professions communication researcher. With a PhD in educational linguistics and background in language and literacy education, Robyn's research areas include intercultural communication in healthcare and digital communication technologies in healthcare. She is Professor of Healthcare Communication in the Melbourne Medical School.

Professor David Story

Professor David Story is Head of the Department of Critical Care (DoCC) and Chair of Anaesthesia at the University of Melbourne. The department was established in January 2021 and is one of the few University departments anywhere in the world that embraces all three critical care specialties:  anaesthesia, emergency medicine, and intensive care medicine. DoCC covers over 20 hospitals affiliated with the University.

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