Navigating complex stakeholders in a healthcare setting

Published Joseph Green on Fri, 05/03/2024 - 10:06

Navigating complex stakeholders in a healthcare setting

VCCC Alliance Leadership Academy Series

23 Apr 2024


Join us for an insightful webinar on navigating stakeholder engagement and government relations. Designed for healthcare professionals, researchers, and advocates, this webinar will enhance your skills in managing diverse stakeholder groups and engaging with government, community, and advocacy organisations.

In a healthcare setting, stakeholders often come from diverse backgrounds. Balancing everyone’s interest can be a challenge, but essential to effective collaboration and decision-making.

This webinar explores strategies, tips, and techniques of managing complex stakeholders, including:

  • Identifying key stakeholders, their perspectives and context

  • Clear communications channels and the importance of open dialogue

  • Building consensus, campaigns and finding common ground

  • Addressing conflicts and managing priorities

  • Ensuring inclusivity and diversity in decisions

We will also take a deep dive into government and political stakeholders in a healthcare environment. 

In this interactive webinar, our expert speaker shares his experiences and answer your questions, helping you to enhance your skills and make a meaningful impact in your field.


Dr Riccarda Peters
Research Fellow, Center for Health Policy, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, the University of Melbourne

Dr Peters has an academic background in psychology and neuroscience. She works on health economic evaluation and preference-elicitation methodologies in the context of genomics and precision medicine.


Neil Pharoah

Neil Pharaoh is a non-executive Director whose deep strategic insights, capabilities and governance skills are complemented by his diverse multi sector and industry board experience. Neil is a government engagement and campaigning guru with a depth of experience in social purpose, government, public policy, and advocacy. Having led corporate affairs, business development and marketing teams, he has been the driving force behind leading social policy and advocacy campaigns - being a founding director of LGBTIQ+ philanthropic group, GiveOUT, and was national co-convenor of Rainbow Labor, where he led the campaign to change the Labor Party's position on Marriage Equality. Neil was featured in the Deloitte ‘2018 Outstanding 50 LGBTI Leaders’ list and ran for parliament in 2014 and 2018 as the Labor candidate for Prahran, Victoria.

After many years working across the not-for-profit, private and government sectors, both in Australia and internationally, Neil co-founded Tanck, a government engagement consultancy firm who believe there is strength in strategy. In a few short years he has already delivered a range of highly successful government engagement, advocacy, business development and funding outcomes for a variety of clients spanning different sectors. United by shared purpose, he is committed to building highly motivated, engaged and effective advocacy teams within an organisation

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Course Details

Course type
60 mins
Curriculum Area
Leadership and Non-Technical Skills
Education & Training
Consumer / patient / carer
Allied Health professional
Senior researcher / scientist
Early to mid career researcher

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