Registry-based Clinical Trials (Reg-CTs)

Published Alicia Mew on Mon, 07/04/2022 - 09:53

Registry-based Clinical Trials (Reg-CTs) 

Transforming Cancer Research. 

Experience the future of large-scale research with real-world data through this microlearning on Registry-based Clinical Trials. Discover the innovative methodology driving rapid and cost-effective studies that effectively address clinical questions, revolutionising patient care.


Provide a general overview of the Registry-Based Clinical Trial model and how it differs from current clinical trial models. 

Learning Objective: 

During this microlearning you will explore:

  • What are registry-based clinical trials
  • How a clinical registry works
  • Why embed randomised-controlled trials within a registry infrastructure.

Registry-based Clinical Trials FAQ



Course Details

registry-based clinical trials
Course type
10 mins
Curriculum Area
Research (incl. Clinical Trials)
Early to mid career researcher
Senior researcher / scientist
Allied Health professional
Consumer / patient / carer

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