VCCC Alliance Research Conference 2023: Beyond The Breakthroughs

Published Catarina de Freitas on Thu, 11/23/2023 - 15:53

The VCCC Alliance Research Conference brings you a multidisciplinary, tumour stream-agnostic program that challenges you to step outside your daily work, to learn, connect, and gain new perspectives and inspiration, exploring the latest frontiers of cancer research.

A dynamic, interactive program, providing the opportunity for the Australian cancer community to focus on collaborative approaches to improve outcomes for all people affected by cancer.

The conference was held over two days at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre in Melbourne, bookended by interactive forums and workshops.

Headlined by speakers of national and international renown, the VCCC Alliance Research Conference is something special and unique, offering a dynamic and interactive program that is genuinely challenging and inspirational.

Focused on the theme of Beyond the Breakthroughs, emphasising implementation, translation, and equity in a truly multidisciplinary conference, highlighting the integrated nature of a comprehensive approach to cancer research, translation and implementation.

The first day focuses on cancer across the lifespan and social determinants of health followed by a memorable conference dinner. Day two looks to the future of cancer research including emerging technologies and novel therapeutic pathways, with the grand finale of the public forum. 

Conference Convenors 2023

Professor Christobel Saunders AO
James Stewart Chair of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne Medical School, The University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Edwin Hawkins
NRMRC Leadership Fellow, Inflammation Division WEHI

Associate Professor Delphine Merino
Head Tumour Stream Progression and Heterogenity Laboratory, Cancer Biology and Therapy Program, Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute, School of Cancer Medicine, La Trobe University

International keynote speakers

Professor Charles Swanton
University College London Cancer Institute

Associate Professor Michelle Leech
Associate Professor of Radiation Therapy and Course Director of the BSc. Radiation Therapy at Trinity College, Dublin

Course Details

Course type
7.5 hrs
Curriculum Area
Research (incl. Clinical Trials)
Clinical Care
Leadership and Non-Technical Skills
Consumer Involvement, Equity, and Inclusion
Treatment (incl. Supportive Care)
Prevention, screening and diagnostics
Clinical trials
Allied Health professional
Early to mid career researcher
Senior researcher / scientist
Consumer / patient / carer
Education & Training

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