Cancer mind care: breaking down the barriers

Published Catarina de Freitas on Thu, 11/16/2023 - 13:25

Monday Lunch Live

13 November 2023

Around 40% of individuals with cancer also experience mental health concerns.

This session is designed for nurses, allied health clinicians, oncologists, mental health providers who work in cancer care and are interested in learning about how to better address the emotional and psychological needs of people with cancer.

During this session, a panel of experts discusses the following topics:

  • The psychological and emotional experience of going through a cancer diagnosis and its subsequent treatment, including the impact of a pre-existing mental health condition on a person's response
  • The organisational, clinician and patient barriers that exist in addressing mental health concerns in the oncology setting
  • The distinctive challenges experienced in addressing psychological and emotional concerns in rural and regional settings
  • Strategies and approaches to overcome barriers and ensure that mental health care is an integral part of cancer care
  • Current research and illustrative case examples on treatment of patients with mental health issues in a cancer setting.


Course Details

Viewing Cancer Mind Care on laptop and phone
Course type
60 mins
Curriculum Area
Treatment (incl. Supportive Care)
Allied Health professional
Consumer / patient / carer
Monday Lunch Live

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